At Rizvi’s Dental Specialists, we have support for a wide range of procedures. All performed to perfection by some of the most highly skilled professionals in the country. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. All images shown are of our original patients and subject to copyrights. More examples can be found on our facebook page.

  ♦Dental Implants: We were among the first to offer dental implants facility to our patients. We use only FDA approved implants manufactured in the USA/Switzerland using minimum surgery protocol. All our dental implants come with a 10 years manufacturer’s warranty*. Facility for all sorts of implant retained prosthesis is available. Rest assured that by virtue of our immense clinical experience and strict adherence to technique, we have one of the highest success rates.
(*Manufacturer's terms & conditions apply. )

  ♦Endodontics (Root Canal Treatment): We are among the first in the country to switch to the latest single visit root canal treatment philosophy. No need to wait weeks to get a root canal treatment completed. We do almost all root canal treatment procedures in a single visit. Of course we also do it in the most pain free manner possible.

  ♦Prosthetics ( Artificial Teeth ) : From dentures to fixed bridges, we provide you with the most versatile options when it comes to replacing lost teeth. We have a dedicated lab with properly trained staff using materials of only the finest standard.

  ♦Orthodontics : All sorts of malocclusion (crooked teeth ) are corrected using cutting edge technologies in minimum feasible time and in accordance with the latest soft tissue paradigm. A comprehensive briefing is given to each patient prior to starting treatment and patient input is highly encouraged. Please remember that majority of malocclusions can be resolved without extracting any healthy teeth and within 12 – 18 months. For your convenience an easy installment plan* is available.
(*Terms & conditions apply. )

  ♦All Surgical Procedures : We have support for all sorts of surgical procedures that can be performed in an outpatient setting. From cyst enucleation to simple cosmetic gum recontouring, all procedures are performed to perfection in the most atraumatic and pain free manner under the guidance of Dr. Shabab Rizvi who is among the finest and the most experienced Maxillo Facial Surgeon in the country.

  ♦Cosmetology : From in office teeth whitening to high ceramic cosmetic restorations, all procedures are done to your total satisfaction under the guidance of our very experienced cosmetologist.

  ♦General Dentistry : Support for all general dental procedures like all types of fillings, scaling, polishing, dental x-rays, etc. are available at all our practices using properly heat sterilized/disposable instruments. Your saftey & satisfaction is our priority.

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